Bacillol® AF Tissues

Alcohol-based rapid disinfection wipes with extensive spectrum of activity in a convenient flowpack.

Bacillol® Tissues
  • ready-to-use disinfection wipes presoaked with Bacillol® AF
  • high-quality tear-proof and absorbent PET fleece
  • broad material compatibility with alcohol-resistant surfaces
  • good wetting and rapid drying
  • practical folding system ensures safe and easy dispensing of individual tissues from resealable flowpack
  • aldehyde, colourant and fragrance free
  • wipe size: 180 mm x 200 mm

Areas of application
Bacillol® AF Tissues are suitable for the convenient disinfection of:

Alcohol-resistant surfaces according to Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) such as:

  • surfaces in healthcare facilities, e.g. work surfaces, toilet seats, door handles, bedframes, and tables.
  • surfaces in canteen kitchens, foodprocessing areas and in other areas coming into contact with sensitive products


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